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Date: 1st July 2016
Flat Drip Irrigation Pipe Machine
This flat drip irrigation tape production line is further developed and manufactured,Website:http://www.kdextrusion.com, optimizing all the technology of our thousands of high speed & composite pipe production line, absorbing the advanced technology of world class level equipment. It is the leader with the highest speed,fully automation, and outstanding stability.ModelExtruderProduction ? ? ?speedDripper identifying ? ? ?speedTape thickness ? ? ?rangePunching ? ? ?SpeedNominal ? ? ?PowerKDDG-?SJ-60/36180m/min1000-1200pcs/min0.15-0.6mm?900pcs/min120KWKDDG-?SJ-60/36180m/min1000-1200pcs/min0.15-0.9mm?900pcs/min125KWKDDG-?SJ-60/36180m/min1000-1300pcs/min0.15-1.2mm?900pcs/min145KW? Control system?Advanced Siemens PCC control system was applied into this Flat drip irrigation tape line.KAIDE is the only manufactuere in China, who had successfully adopt such control system.??Intelligent functions of this system, such as whole line sync control wihout any deviation. One touch speed increasing or decreasing control,high precision temperature control etc,can ensure the reliable and convenient operation of the line.? Gravimeter system? High precise control system of pipe weight per meter is applied in this flat drip irrigation tape line. Such device will feed material precisely according to the weight per meter and line speed changing; to get a precise gram weight control of produced pipe. Which can shorten the start-up time and save raw materials.? Dripper sorting system?Most advanced detecting technologies are applied,such as nanoscale laser identifying device and dripper anti-direction rejecting device, ensuring drippers in production are 100% qualified.? Dripper Sorting Speed:1100pcs/min? Haul-off machine & Punching Machine? The two-stages haul-off machine of this drip irrigation pipe machine adopted servo control, and the haul-off speed can be synchronously adjusted according to the production requirement, with stable and reliable pulling, low noise.? Punching machineThis drip irrigation pipe machine is equipped with online blind-hole detecting system, once the system detects the not-punched pipe, it will cut off the pipe automatically, meanwhile change over the coiling work position, and report the waste pipe conditions on time.?? Automatic Winding Machine?Automatic winding machine is driven by servo motor and controlled by SIEMENS PLC system.??Application of servo traversing and tension control system in this flat drip irrigation tape line, can ensure the high sync condition of winding speed and line speed, making winded coils even and neat.? During production, the winder can cut pipes and change reels automatically according to the setting length. And also print length tag of each coil.? Machine Running Video