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Date: 1st July 2016
LLDPE Purifying Pipe Machine
LDPE purify water tube production line adopts the most advanced technology,Website:http://www.kdextrusion.com,such as,Siemens PLC synchronous control system, Hydraulic screen changer, German Coax Vacuum valve to control the vacuum degree.ModelProduction ?Scope ? ? ?(mm)Tolerance ? ? ?(mm)Screw ?Diameter ? ? ?(mm)Production ?Speed ? ? ?(m/min)SJ-506.4*1.1mm ? ? ?9.6*1.5mm?0.05mm33mm20m/minSJ-606.4*1.1mm ? ? ?9.6*1.5mm?0.05mm36mm50m/min? ?Following technologies & unitswere applied in this RO water tube production machine? Spiral pressure storage die head effectively overcomes the instaneous fluctuation of extrusion pressure, realizing high speed and constant pressure extrusion? High precise weight per meter control system? High precise pipe moulds? Brushed stainless steel vacuum tanks?? Servo traversing pipe coiler? High speed and stable haul-off machine? Synchronous advanced control system? Laser diameter measuring gauge to control the pipe diameter to get high qualified tube