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Date: 1st July 2016
Medical Pipe Machine
International advanced technologies and units were equipped with this medical tube production line,Website:http://www.kdextrusion.com, highly ensuring the geometric precision and the internal performance uniformity of the manufactured tube.ModelProductionScope(mm)Tolerance(mm)ScrewDiameter(mm)NominalPower(kw)ProductionSpeed(m/min)SJ-300.2~1.5?0.04301550SJ-451.5~6.0?0.05452560SJ-506.0~16.0?0.055055100? Key Technologies AppliedFollowing key technologies and units were applied in this medical tube line:? High precise drive system? Pressure stabilizing system? High precise weight per meter control system? High precise medical catheter moulds,? Production ProcessAccording to the geometric size and catheter materials, a reasonable process proposal will be submitted,including:? Raw materials formula?Extruding temperature?Screw rotating speed etc.One-time co-extrusion or secondary co-extrusion technology will be applied in the multi-layer catheter production line? Application of the LineMainly for producing all kinds of precise medical catheters, such as, the oxygen catheter, blood transfusion catheter,indwelling catheter, drainage catheter, central venous catheter, anesthesia catheter, urethral catheter, capillary catheter, perforated catheter, etc.Suitable materials are PVC, PE ,PP,PA and ABS,etc