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Date: 1st July 2016
Microducts PE Silicone Core Pipe Machine
This Micro Duct PE Silicone Pipe Machine use to produce two layers duct PE pipe,Website:http://www.kdextrusion.com,called HDPE Microducts, this kind of pipe is used in Telecommunication fields. Microducts is the small, flexible, lightweight tube for the installation of fibre optical cables.ModelExtruder 1Extruder 2Production SpeedLine LengthNominalPowerKDGX-1SJ-65/33SJ30/2515m/min22mx3.5mx2.5m75KWKDGX-2SJ-60/36SJ45/3030m/min35mx4mx3.0m135KWKDGX-3SJ-75/36SJ50/3350m/min50mx4mx4.5m190KW? High Precision Mechanical Components?? The screw of HDPE Extruder and Silicone core Extruder are specially precoessed, provide the excellent plasticization and high extrusion output.? The die head moulds material is high quality 3Cr13 .? High precision and high speed haul-off machine,with servo motor drive, guaranteed the line stable production, specially designed for smaller pipe hauling.? Series Advanced Control & Detecting System?? ?Advanced Siemens PLC control system was applied into this HDPE Silicone core pipe making machine.? High precise control system of pipe weight per meter is applied in this HDPE silicone core microducts making machinery. Such device will feed material precisely accroding to the weight per meter and line speed changing; to get a precise gram weight control of the final pipe,saving raw materials.?? Double Working Position Coiler? ?Traversing unit is driven by servo motor, ensuring the elagant and tidy final coils.?? ?Independent Siemens PLC control, equipped with tension controller.? Referenced Manufactured Pipe Specification?The main materials is HDPE,composite with silica gel solid lubricant inside the pipe.No.DiameterThickness 1Thickness 215mm0.75mm1.25,mm27mm0.75mm1.5mm310mm1mm2mm412mm1mm2mm514mm1mm2mm616mm1mm2mm718mm1mm2mm? Jacketed /Bundles Pipe Machine? For different recognition purposes, the microducts are marked with?colored stripes and the corresponding duct number in the bundle. Next product, we will introduce the machine to make microduct bundles.