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Date: 1st July 2016
PERT EVOH Pipe Machine
The composite PERT EVOH pipe production line adopts advanced extrusion technology with several extruders and co-extrusion die head mold,Website:http://www.kdextrusion.com, which makes the composite pipe bond firmly with precise size. It can be used as 3 Layers and 5 Layers PERT EVOH pipe machine, which also can produce single layer PERT pipe.?Line ModelScrew DiameterL/DProduction ScopeProduction SpeedSJ-65?65/30mm33:1?16-32mm25m/minSJ-65?65/30mm33:1?16-63mm10m/minSJ-80?80/45mm33:1?75-160mm5m/min? Gravimeter systemHigh precise Gravimeter control system of is applied in this EVOH pipe production line.? It is used for measuring & calculating and precise control of pipe weight per meter and its extrusion output, to realize the constancy of pipe weight.? The application of this system can shorten the start-up time, improve the produced pipe quality, and save raw material.? Manufactured pipe?Advantages of EVOH oxygen barrier composite pipe:?Excellent non-permeability and scent preservation, good anti-ultraviolet ray and other radiations, which greatly enlarge the pipe?s lifespan and effectively avoid breeding of bacteria inner pipes.?This kind of pipe will have a good market prospects and wide application in the current and future time.? Production line seriesThe EVOH composite Pipe Machine can produce single layer pipe, and also three-layer or five-layer,Such as :? PB/EVOH pipe production line,? PE-RT /EVOH pipe production line,? PE-Xa/EVOH pipe production line,? PE-Xb/EVOHpipe production ,? PP-R/EVOH pipe production line,? PA/EVOH pipe line.