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Date: 1st July 2016
PP Slient Pipe Machine
The PP super silent drainage pipe line adopts special designed high efficient extruder for viscoelastic sound-absorbing PP material,Website:http://www.kdextrusion.com, to ensure the extrusion efficiently and improve the service life of the extruder.Line ModelScrewDiameterL/DProduction ScopeProductionSpeedNominalPowerSJ-65?65/50mm33/33:1?50-110mm280kg/h128KWSJ-80?80/65mm33/33:1?50-200mm450kg/h187KW? Co-Extrusion Die Head??Special designed adjustable co-extrusion die head of this PP mute pipe line is our unique patented products. It could quickly ensure the even composite of three layer plastic and get the ideal thickness, no need to adjust the extruder speed.? Manufactured Pipe?The noise reduction of this pipe is better than cast-iron pipe, even the current market dominated UPVC drainage pipe. Indoor water dropping noise is less than 45dB.??It also has following advantages, such as, high resistance to bending fatigue strength, high temperature deformation resistance, aging resistance and other unique performance,?Being widely used at office buildings, schools, hotels, high-rise residential buildings, hospitals,nursing homes, the drainage of high temperature waste water of spa and bath places etc.? PLC Control System?The PP soundproof drainpipe making line adopts new generation Siemens PLC programmable computer control system, which could ensure the whole line high-speed synchronous control and its stable & reliable running.