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Date: 1st July 2016
UPVC Pipe Machine
U-PVC pipe production line adopts conical double screw extruder,Website:http://www.kdextrusion.com, which is suitable for a variety of raw material formulation, with better plasticizing & dispersion effects. It is widely used in the production of different kinds of water supply & drainage pipes.Line ModelExtruder ModelProduction ScopeOutputNominal PowerSJSZ-51SISZ-51/105?50-110mm150Kg/h52KWSJSZ-65SJSZ-65/132?75-200mm250Kg/h86KWSJSZ-80SJSZ-80/156?200-450mm450Kg/h169KWSJSZ-92SJSZ-92/188?400-630mm750Kg/h277KW? U-PVC pipe production line adopts double chamber vacuum calibrating and spray cooling, with automatic water temperature control and automatic water supply and discharge control functions.? U-PVC pipe line adopts the imported PLC control system, which ensures the high speed synchronous control and reliable operating of the whole production line.? Equipped with different die head and auxiliary machines, it can produce U-PVC pipes for single layer, core layer foaming, inner spiral foaming, hollow or hollow inner spiral.